Saturday, December 6, 2008

It's the Dog Flu!!

Last night, Zuzu did not want to eat dinner. A first! We found out why a bit later when she was sick to her stomach. Poor baby, she was sick several times, and then a few more. And lethargic, but we could find no evidence of her having eaten something "bad", so we just cleaned things up, and thought the worst was over.........until 5 a.m. when Pippin started being sick. This is just like having kids - she gave him the stomach flu!!!

This morning, Zuzu is still moving slowly, but she is perking up. Pippin is sleeping with a very worried brow. We'll have to watch him rather closely for a few more hours, but if it's what the Zuzulator had, the worst is over.....

I have to go look up homeopathic remedies now..... full report to follow,

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