Thursday, October 9, 2008

Palin Blasts Obama's Ties to Weather Channel

This just forwarded from Reporter Redli:
'Palling Around with Meteorologists,' Guv Claims

Alaska governor Sarah Palin went on the attack today, claiming that Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama had longstanding
ties to The Weather Channel.

"What does it say about our opponent that he thinks this nation's weather is so imperfect that he needs to be allied with The
Weather Channel?" she asked a crowd in Tampa, Florida. "There's a fine line between hating America's weather and hating America

Gov. Palin said that she learned about Sen. Obama's ties to The Weather Channel last week "when I was trying hard to read The New
York Times."

"They said that Sen. Obama was hanging out with weathermen," she said. "Do we really want to elect someone who has been palling
around with meteorologists?"

Gov. Palin's latest attacks came on the heels of a new poll showing that the only demographic group that still support her are
morons, sometimes referred to by political insiders as "no-information voters."

"It may sound like she spouting idiocy, but there's a method to her madness," said Tracy Klugian, a Republican strategist. "She's
speaking to her base."

Elsewhere, Sen. John McCain's practice session for the second presidential debate was cut short when his pants burst into flame.

*we think this is from some reliable news site, but maybe not!*

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Knit Witch said...

That sounds like it came from The Onion!!!

I read on CNN today that Keating works for McCain's campaign!!! I'm wondering why THAT hasn't come out in the media! Or, did I just miss it. I mean, if we want to play the "association game" all is fair, right?