Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July

Well, POOP!! We did not go camping this weekend..... bah! Due to a variety of circumstances... however, I am attempting to "accept" reality gracefully. So..... I spent most of today knitting!!! Jon will soon receive a lovely pair of Norwegian mittens with a fishy-fish- motif. I have adapted a whimsical pattern by Jorid Linvik ( for Jon's wide hands, and have had great fun watching the fishies emerge :) Jorid also has patterns for Cat and Frog mittens whose pdfs are lurking in my in-box whispering "possibility"....

We will be going to Washington and then Oregon mid-July to see the Rose-Hascall clan at Louis River Lower Falls and then on to the Bolerama in Southern Oregon. Our little "Boley" is all packed and ready to go. And I may have to start another pair of mittens so that I have something to knit on the trip - wait, 10 days = 2 pairs of mittens and 2 pairs of socks! Better go rifle through the stash :)

Meanwhile, Stella is off to Amsterdam on the 8th, and then on to spend a couple of weeks with her friend, Lily, in Paris. They'll be in France on Bastille Day !!! Whoot!

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